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Becoming a member

Immanuel welcomes anyone who shares our belief in the Triune God as revealed by Holy Scripture and taught by the Lutheran Church to become a member. 

People can become members of Immanuel in several ways, depending on their situation.

Transfer: Members of another LC-MS church can transfer their membership to Immanuel.

Profession of Faith: People who are members of a Lutheran Church of a different synod or who were confirmed in a Lutheran Church but are currently not members in a Lutheran Church can join by professing that they believe the teachings of our church.

Adult Confirmation: Adults who have not been confirmed in a Lutheran Church who are either members of a non-Lutheran Church or who are not members of any church may join by adult confirmation. A several week class which covers the basic teachings of the Lutheran Church from the Bible is held to prepare people for Adult Confirmation.

All members who join our congregation are asked to complete an information form, sign a statement of faith, and confess that they believe the teachings of our church at a worship service during a “Welcome of New Members.”

All members of the congregation are expected:
1) to regularly gather to worship God,
2) to seek to grow in their faith through Bible study, prayer and devotions, and
3) to use their gifts and talents in service to God and his people.

If you would like to become a member of Immanuel or have any questions, please talk to our pastor. We would love to have you join our congregation!

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