The Board of Evangelism is currently made up of three elected members of the congregation, several ad hoc members, as well as any volunteers who would like to assist this group in its ministry efforts. This group is involved in a number of projects.

The Board of Evangelism tries to contact all new residents at their homes, giving them a Welcome Bag and inviting them to visit Immanuel. The Welcome Bag contains information about our congregation, its ministries, its library, and other organizations.

Home visits are also made, especially where there are children who might be enrolled in one of Immanuel’s Christian Education ministries.

Once each month, members of the Board of Evangelism assist staff from the local nursing home in bringing residents to church for worship using the nursing home’s bus. We are blessed with a new elevator, making it easier for the nursing home residents to come and worship with us.

Worship services are taped and replayed at 7 PM every Sunday on local cable television channel 13.
If you have any other evangelism ideas or are interested in helping with this ministry, please see Norman Barge or call 218-338-5555.

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