January 28th – February 4th

Read about the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in today’s Gospel in Mark 1:21-28. The people are astounded at His teaching and then amazed when He casts out an evil spirit. “What is this?” they ask. Who is this?
Order of Service        Divine Service 3, p 184
Hymns      Sat: 394, 842, 412       Sun: 411, 541, 849
Lessons          Deut. 18, p 205; 1 Corinthians 8, p 1216; Mark 1, p 1064
Saturday Sermon      “They Obey Him”      Mark 1:21-28
Sunday Sermon   “What is This?”      Mark 1:21-28
Sunday School Choir                                             “My God is So Great”
Solo “Precious Lord”                     Arlo Peterson
Organist                    Sat: Gloria Hollatz  Sun: Maureen Diedrich
PARISH PRAYERS We pray for God’s healing for Jim Klimek, Betty Eggert, Werner Knapp, James Coe, Linda Self, Dan Cigelske, Elaine Wilson, Jerry Jacobs, Lois Zimmerman, Arlo Peterson, Bob Kalpin, Cory Springer, Lorre McDermott, Mike McDaniel, Coleen McIntire, Char Hjelm, Joan Arvidson(frd of Sjobecks), Greg Oney(s of Sheryl F), Andy Koep(fil Jim D), Kitty Rosin(m of Dawn Stach), Tammy DeVore, Steve Hanson, Lester Olson(grf of Val Jahnke), Andrew Coopet, Dave Gappa, Sally Sarff, Aiden Zaun, Mary Klimek(sis of Charlie), Jackie Roberts(m of Bobbi D.) and Jan Nelson(grm of Jayme Aune). We ask God to bless Roy Olson (87) 1/30. We ask God to comfort the families of Bryan Appelget and Geri Kanten.
Saturday, January 27     7:00 PM Worship
Sunday, January 28     9:00 AM Worship
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Voters Meeting
3:00 PM Funeral for Bryan Appelget
7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14
Monday, January 29   10:30 AM Circuit Visitors Meeting at LIC through Tuesday
Tuesday, January 30     8:30 AM Bible Breakfast
Wednesday, January 31   10:00 AM Bible Study
1:00 PM Quilting
6:30 PM 7th & 8th Grade Confirmation
8:00 PM ACT Bible Class
Thursday, February 1     9:00 AM Footcare
1:30 PM LWML Meeting
7:00 PM Elders
Friday, February 2    3:15 PM ACT Sub Making
Saturday, February 3     9:00 AM ACT Sub Making as needed(sub pickup at 11 & 8)
7:00 PM Worship with Communion
8:00 PM Pastor Dan Jastram Mission Presentation
Sunday, February 4     9:00 AM Worship with Communion
10:00 AM Coffee and sub pick up
10:30 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Bible Class
7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14
WORSHIP HELPERS Jan 27: Jon Holte Family and Nick Jirik. Jan 28: Mike & Teresa Harstad Family, Mike & Shelby Harstad Family and Aiden Larson. Feb 3: Michelle Moats, Joanie Oler and Faith Dodds. Feb 4: Audie & Kim Kruse, Brian & Heather Wittrock Family and Graham Larson.
INFORMATION FOR YOU FROM OUR LIBRARY:  Remember the Donation Book sale will be set up on Feb. 13th.  A box is in library for those suitable books that can be given for the sale. Thank you in advance.   FEATURE DVD:  The First Rosa from LCMS is 42 minutes in length.  If you missed it when it was shown after coffee time, you can have a second chance. It is in the library under the “Green” (Biography) section of the Movies. Code: Green Rosa. (Very interesting)
Next Sunday’s Lutheran Hour radio program is “Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these?” based on Isaiah 40:21-31 with Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer. There’s much in science that witnesses to God. Dr. Meyer says telescopes and microscopes can further evangelism more than soap boxes. Main Street Living Worship Service can be seen Sundays, 10 AM, on KVRR Fargo, and anytime at www.mainstreetlivingnorth.com. Rev. Steve Schulz, Immanuel Lutheran, Fargo, ND, presents the message for February 4. Watch the Sunday School episode from 10:30 to 11 AM. Donations are needed to support this ministry. They can be given through the offering here at Immanuel or sent to Main Street Living North, 821-5th Ave S, Fargo, ND  58103. Pastor Lee will give the message February 11. Pastor Clark Jahnke gives the message Feb. 18.

INFORMATION FOR TODAY With whom can I share the power of Jesus over every evil this week?

Thanks to Pastor Jeff Ross for leading worship Saturday evening.
Special Needs Offering is this weekend. This fund is administered by the elders and helps people with emergency financial needs. Due to some recent needs the fund is nearly empty. Use a special needs envelope in the pew or designate a gift on your regular envelope to give to this fund.
Annual Voters Meeting is today at 10:30 AM. We will have election of officers and discuss calling a candidate with Carlos or calling a vicar.
In Sunday School today, our children will learn that as Jesus came to the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26–40), He comes to us in our weakness, for we cannot by our own reason or strength come to Him. In your family faith talks, discuss how the Holy Spirit calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies us, keeping us with Jesus Christ in the one true faith.
Pick up your Annual Report from your mailbox today.
Our 2018 Member Directory pages are on a table in the narthex. Please look over your address, phone numbers and email and put a check mark by your name if it is correct. Today is the last day to record any changes. Thank you!
Superbowl Sub Order Form is on the counter in the narthex. Order subs for your Superbowl party or everyday eating. Orders are due today!
Sunday Coffee Servers are needed for every Sunday in February! Sign up at the narthex counter.
Pastor Dan Jastram, missionary to Japan and son of our former pastor Rev. Robert Jastram, will preach at Immanuel on Saturday, February 3, and share information about his work during coffee in the fellowship hall after worship that evening. If you are interested in serving coffee that evening, let Pastor know.
ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) is a new group we are helping to start at Immanuel. This will be a men’s breakfast and fellowship group. We will meet Thursday, February 8 at 8:30 AM in the back room at RK’s. We would like to meet there each second Thursday of the month. If you have questions contact Ron Zaun or Pastor.
If your group is interested in serving a Lenten soup supper, see Pastor.
If you are interested in an adult confirmation or membership class, please talk to Pastor Lee.
PLAN TO ATTEND The Wednesday Bible Class are studying the Gospel of Mark Wednesdays at 10 AM. Everyone is welcome! Pick up study guide 3 from the narthex counter.
Quilting is Wednesdays at 1 PM. Anyone is welcome to participate. No special skills are needed.
This week in WINGS, in the account “Joseph Cares for Jacob,” we see Joseph care for his aging father. God commands us to honor authorities. Through His Son, Jesus, God forgives us when we fail to honor authorities. Discuss, “Whom has God put in authority over you? How can you honor those in authority over you?”
  Footcare is this Thursday from 9 to 11:30 AM. Bring a towel. There is no charge, just a freewill offering for this service.
LWML meets this Thursday at 1:30. All women are welcome!
Zion Lutheran School, Alexandria, is having their Preschool Roundup Monday, Feb 5 at 5:30 PM for 3-4 year olds and at 6:30 PM for 4-5 year olds. Zion will offer two different preschool options for 2018-2019. Children ages 3-4 can attend two days each week on Tuesday and Thursday (8-10:45 AM or 12:00-2:45 PM). Children ages 4-5 may attend three days each week (MWF, 8-11:15 AM or 12-3 PM). Or choose an enrichment program by attending all day MWF. Registration forms will be available at the roundup, or you can receive them through the mail, by calling our office at 320-763-4842, or by visiting the website at www.zionalexschool.org.
Zion Lutheran School, Alexandria, is having their annual Kindergarten Roundup Tuesday, Feb 6 at 6:30 PM. Join Mrs. Meyer, our kindergarten teacher, for activities and information about kindergarten 2018-2019 at Zion. Completed registration forms with the registration fee and signed tuition agreement can be turned in that evening to secure a spot in our kindergarten class.
Winter Adventure Camp for ages 8-14 is February 9-11 at Lutheran Island Camp. Pick up a brochure at the camp table. 2018 Men’s Retreat at Lutheran Island Camp is February 16-18.  Pick up a registration form at the camp table.
Thrivent Members, please designate your 2017 Thrivent Choice dollars before they expire. See Scott Fassett if you have questions.
INFORMATION FOR YOU Thank you! Members of Immanuel and others; it was a warm and peaceful atmosphere at my birthday luncheon January 14. Your attendance was greatly appreciated. Preparing and furnishing the lunch, having very helpful individuals serving and cleaning up made for a relaxing and enjoyable event. Hopefully we all shared our Christian values through the fellowship and increased our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, your free will offering added $400 to the Immanuel Scholarship Fund. Glory and thanks be to God!                 Gene Moske
Congratulations to Dawn Stach for being elected to the Lutheran Island Camp Board of Directors and Becky Jirik for being elected to the LIC Foundation Board.
Offerings Envelopes for 2018 are available in the Gathering Space. If you would like envelopes and didn’t receive any, please contact the church office.
CAN YOU HELP? Tammy Bertram has agreed to continue the congregational scrapbook. If you have any pictures of events in the church, please put them in Tammy’s mailbox.
Needed: volunteers to take pictures at church events for our scrapbook and the bulletin board.
Wanted: a few people to be on a Sunday coffee serving committee. If you are interested, let Pastor know.
Needed: another person to help with nail care on the first Thursday morning of the month. Please help spread the word.
Pot-holders are for sale at the card cupboard. Please put your donations into the mite box next to the pot-holders.
Thrivent Members, if you would like your Thrivent Action Grants used at Immanuel, please let Pastor know.
If you would like to give your offerings electronically, please contact the church office.
Life Thoughts for January 28 – We testify to each life’s preciousness with Christ’s authority and effectiveness (Mark 1:22). He has redeemed even sinners by dying for all. He has defeated the devil himself by rising again. We need not retreat in the face of utter evils or hostile accusations. The Word of Life reclaims souls, changes hearts, and saves lives. Almighty Savior, work Your confidence and concern in us and through us. Amen.
A basket of Prayer Shawls and Lap Robes is on the table by the elevator. They are for anyone in need of comfort, healing, remembrance, etc. Please put the name of those receiving the prayer shawl or lap robe on the register with the date.
Lutheran Island Camp is collecting old shoes in any condition. The bins for collection are located in the coat area. Shoes in good shape will be reconditioned for use in needy countries.