December 10th – 17th

“What shall I cry?” asks the prophet. What is the Advent message? What message does our God give to us to announce this Advent season? Read and reflect on Isaiah 40:1-11.


Order of Service         Order of Matins, p 219

Hymns                        346, 343, 347, 345

Lessons                   Isaiah 40, p 762; 2 Peter 3, p 1300; Mark 1, p 1063

Sermon                            “What Shall I Cry?”                Isaiah 40:1-11

Organist                      Maureen Diedrich

PARISH PRAYERS We pray for God’s healing for Betty Eggert, Darlene Samuelson, Pat Hendrickson, Jim Klimek, Arlo Peterson, Bob Kalpin, Rodney Moske, Cory Springer, Lorre McDermott, Mike McDaniel, Jerry Jacobs, Coleen McIntire, Char Hjelm, Craig Hennagir(s of Lucy), Andrew Coopet, Harvey Jahnke, Dave Gappa, Sally Sarff, Aiden Zaun, Mary Klimek(sis of Charlie), Jackie Roberts(m of Bobbi D.) and Jan Nelson(grm of Jayme Aune). We ask God’s blessing on Dennis & Donna Karger (56) 12/9, Dorothy Neitzert (80) 12/9 and Arlo Peterson (91) 12/11. We pray for comfort for the families of Orlin Johnson, David Uhde and Linda Moske.

Saturday, December 9     7:00 PM Worship

Sunday, December 10     9:00 AM Worship

10:00 AM Coffee & Prayer Partner Revealing

10:30 AM Sunday School & Program Practice until Noon

7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14

Monday, December 11     7:30 PM Dartball – Team 1 & 2 at First Lutheran

Tuesday, December 12 NO Bible Breakfast

11:00 AM Funeral for Linda L. Moske

3:00 PM St Williams Communion Service

Wednesday, December 13   10:00 AM Catechism Study

6:00 PM 7th & 8th Grade Confirmation

7:30 PM Advent Service

Friday, December 15     7:00 PM Advent/Christmas Hymn Festival

Saturday, December 16     7:00 PM Worship with Communion

Sunday, December 17     9:00 AM Worship with Communion

10:00 AM Coffee

10:30 AM Sunday School and Program Practice until Noon

10:45 AM Bible Class

3:00 PM Live Nativity

4:00 PM Children’s Christmas Program

7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14

WORSHIP HELPERS Dec 9: Scott & Chrystal Kreidler and Caden DeBoer. Dec 10: Jeff Riedel, Brad Warzecha, Stephanie Nelson Family and Kaylee Riedel. Dec 13(Wed): Tim & Carol Larson, Todd & Heidi Lucht and Sabrina Moske. Dec 16: Tim & Sarah Alberts Family and Faith Alberts. Dec 17(9AM): Anthony & Michelle Moske Family, Scott Korkowski/Tanya Makela Family and Rosalee Moske. Dec 17(4PM): Dale & Vicky Downing, Mitch & Stacey Ahlers Family and Michael Ahlers.

INFORMATION FOR YOU Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child by packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. These shoeboxes are delivered to children in need around the world to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way. We, as a drop off location, feel privileged to pray over the boxes, pack them and send them on their journey. Thank you! Cathy Englund, Area Coordinator – Upper Midwest Region, Operation Christmas Child

INFORMATION FOR TODAY With whom can I share the message of Advent this week?

Flowers on the Altar today are in celebration of Dennis & Donna Karger’s 56th wedding anniversary.

Today in Sunday School, our children will study “Esther.” In the actions of Esther, we see the pattern of deliverance that God sketches throughout the story of Israel, a pattern that finds its fulfillment in Jesus, our Savior. Consider discussing, “How did Esther preserve the Jewish people? Why is the story of Esther important?”

Prayer Partner Revealing is today during coffee.

A Birthday Party for Arlo Peterson is today at Vogrin Hall, St Williams Living Center, at 1 PM. Everyone is welcome!

The family of David Uhde thanks you for thinking of them during this difficult time. A private family service was held Friday, which was David’s request. The family also requests that any money that would be spent on sending flowers or plants be used to do good for others. With Christmas upon us, there are plenty of worthy causes. David wanted this as well. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

NO Bible Breakfast class this week.

7th & 8th Grade Confirmation is at 6:00 PM during Advent.

Midweek Advent Services are Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. Confirmation students will serve refreshments after the services.

Angel Tree tags are available on the tree in the narthex. Angel Tree tags give gifts to local children in need.

Advent/Christmas Hymn Festival with Johnathan Moeller and Garrett Steinberg will be Friday, December 15, 7 PM, at Immanuel. Come and sing your favorite hymns of the season, accompanied by piano and guitar. Along with the hymns there will be Scripture readings and reflections on the hymns. Plan to attend! Bring a friend!

Children’s Christmas Program will be December 17 at 4 PM. Refreshments will be served afterwards. ACT Live Nativity will be displayed from 3-4 PM that day.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services will be at 3 PM and 5 PM. Christmas Day Carols & Communion will be at 9 AM.  Thank you to Madison Welch & Jayme Aune for coloring our first two Advent posters. Pick up a smaller version from the narthex counter to color at home.

INFORMATION FOR YOU Island Christmas Dinners at Lutheran Island Camp featuring Dec 10, 5 PM, St Paul’s Henning Choir; Dec 15, 5 PM, “Moline Sisters Quartet”; Dec 16, noon, Christmas Carols by Gail Guse; and Dec 17, 5 PM, Messiah’s Minutemen Christmas Drama. Cost is $25 including meal, entertainment and devotions. Call camp at 218-583-2905 to sign up.

The Wednesday Bible Class meets Wednesdays at 10 AM. Pick up Small Catechism study guides 26 & 27 from the narthex counter.

A new edition of the Catechism has been published. It is the first update in over 25 years. See a copy and order one for yourself at the narthex counter for an introductory price of $14.50.

The Wednesday Morning Bible Class will begin a study of the Gospel of Mark in January. Mark is the Gospel we are reading in church this year. This would be a great time to come to Bible Study!

Pastor Dan Jastram will be home on furlough and preach at Immanuel at our Saturday service on February 3.

FROM OUR LIBRARY: Our used Book Sale will begin Feb. 14th.  If you have any suitable books – bring to the Library to the donation box. Thanks.   FEATURE BOOKS: Hurt people hurt people by Sandra Wilson. Find hope and healing for yourself and your relationships.  Jesus is the only all-sufficient healer. Code Blue 248.86 Wil        FICTION FEATURE: The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh is a story of redemption & forgiveness.  Can a gift from the past mend a broken heart?  (Good Book) Code: white Wal

Next Sunday’s Lutheran Hour radio program is “Life Narrows Down” based on John 1:6-8, 19-28 (John testifies to Christ) with Lutheran Hour Guest Speaker: Dr. Dale A. Meyer. John the Baptist had a passion for the Lamb of God. What’s your passion in life? How far into the future will it take you? Main Street Living Worship Service can be seen Sundays, 10 AM, on KVRR Fargo, and anytime at Rev. Chris Brademeyer of St John’s Lutheran in Oakes, ND, preaches December 17. Watch the Sunday School episode from 10:30 to 11 AM. Donations are needed to support this ministry. They can be given through the offering here at Immanuel or sent to Main Street Living North, 821-5th Ave S, Fargo, ND  58103.

CAN YOU HELP? Altar Guild volunteers are needed. See Rhonda Pooler or Pastor for more info. Volunteers typically serve 2-3 months during the year.

Needed: another nurse to help with Footcare on the first Thursday morning of the month. Please help spread the word.

Consider designating part of your offering to our TIM fund to support the missionaries we help to sponsor as a circuit. We have received $1,740 towards our congregational $2,500 TIM goal for this year.

Wanted: 1 twin size bed for a family in need. Contact Pastor or the church office if you can help. A big thank you to the couple who provided the other bed this family needs.

Sunday Coffee Servers are needed for December 24. Sign up at the narthex counter.

Needed: a coffee serving coordinator beginning January 1. A big thank you to Dennis & JoAnn Stende for doing this for the past few years!

Dear Friends at Immanuel,  Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer shawl and prayer to read over and over again. It really gives me peace and comfort during the tough days of chemotherapy!! I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to me!! God Bless You!  Craig, Lori, Andrew & Joshua Hornberger

A basket of Prayer Shawls and Lap Robes is on the table by the elevator. They are for anyone in need of comfort, healing, remembrance, etc. Please put the name of those receiving the prayer shawl or lap robe on the register with the date.

Immanuel has a Facebook page! Facebook people: liking or sharing posts will give greater exposure to what we, as a church, are doing.

Lutheran Island Camp is collecting old shoes in any condition. The bins for collection are located in the coat area. Shoes in good shape will be reconditioned for use in needy countries.

Life Thoughts for December 10 – Second Sunday in Advent – The Gospel of Jesus Christ extends healing forgiveness to all those involved in sins against life (Isaiah 40:1-2). God’s Word offers redemptive hope also to all those victim or vulnerable to intentional death. Our Lord does not wish that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9), and He lifts up those trampled underfoot (Isaiah 40:4, 11). Son of God, make straight the ways for us to meet You among those who have been thought unfit. Amen.