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September 10th – 17th

Jesus speaks extensively about children and their place in God’s kingdom in today’s Gospel lesson. As you read these words, note all the things Jesus says about children. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service      Divine Service 1, p 151 Hymns                       867, 605, 862 Lessons   Ezekiel 33, p 914; Romans 13, p 1206; Matthew 18, p 1046 Sermon             … Read more

September Birthdays & Anniversaries

September Anniversaries Mitchel & Stacey Ahlers 9-2-2000 Steve & Christina Martinson 9-2-1995 Dave & Joyce Schwartz    9-2-1972 David & Peggy Winter  9-2-1972 Arland & Eileen Klein   9-4-1949 Greg & Joyce Iverson  9-6-1980 Dale & Vicki Downing    9-7-1974 Tara & Corey Jensen  9-7-2002 Scott & Ronnie Turchin  9-7-1996 Paul & Maureen Diedrich 9-8-2001 Greg & Tammy… Read more

September 3rd – 10th

Jesus’ body and blood in His Supper is given for the forgiveness of our sins. We celebrate this gift today as a community of LCMS members. Please speak with the Pastor if you have not knelt with us at the Lord’s Table before. Please register your attendance in the pew folder. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of… Read more