June 11th – 18th

Today is Trinity Sunday. We worship the Triune God, who is One God, yet three persons. This is a divine and wondrous mystery that we accept and believe by faith. Read the Athanasian Creed on pages 319-320 to see what Scripture reveals about our Triune God.
Order of Service Divine Service 3, p 184
Hymns      Sat: 506, 507, 498      Sun: 507, 500, 717
Lessons   Genesis 1, p 1; Acts 2, p 1157; Matthew 28, p 1062
Sat Sermon   “Blessed Trinity”              Acts 2:14a, 22-36
Sun Sermon     “In The Beginning: God”  Genesis 1:1-2:4a
Organist   Gloria Hollatz
PARISH PRAYERS We pray for God’s healing for Gerry Freudenberg, Arlo Peterson, Hildegard Thompson, Lois Zimmerman, Lorre McDermott, Jim Klimek, Mike McDaniel, Jerry Jacobs, Ione Frandle, Coleen McIntire, Mary Springer, Cory Springer, Char Hjelm, Leni Angelia Harris(infant daughter of Ryan & Sam), Dave Gappa, Sally Sarff, Brandon Grant, Mary Blauert & Kalvin Blauert, Aiden Zaun, Mary Klimek, Jackie Roberts, Shannon Olson & Lori Thorson We ask God’s comfort for the families of Alvina Faber and Emily Welch. We ask God to bless our Vacation Bible School.
Saturday, June 10     7:00 PM Worship with Pastor Justin Hesterman
Sunday, June 11     9:00 AM Worship
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Bible Class
2:00 PM St Williams Service
5:15 PM VBS Supper  6-8:30 PM VBS
  7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14
Monday, June 12     5:15 PM VBS Supper
6-8:30 PM VBS
Tuesday, June 13     8:30 AM Bible Breakfast
3:00 PM St Williams Communion Service
5:15 PM VBS Supper
6-8:30 PM VBS
Wednesday, June 14   10:00 AM Catechism Study
5:15 PM VBS Supper
6-8:30 PM VBS
Thursday, June 15     5:15 PM VBS Supper
6-8:30 PM VBS
7:30 PM Closing VBS Program
Friday, June 16     9:00 AM VBS Day at LIC
Saturday, June 17     7:00 PM Worship with Communion
Sunday, June 18     9:00 AM Worship with Communion
10:00 AM Coffee
2:00 PM Leave for Cass Lake VBS
7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14
WORSHIP HELPERS June 10: Marilyn Johnson, Carol Klimek and Adrianna Marotto. June 11: Byron Herdman, Rodney Uran, Ron & Shirley Zaun and Riley Thoennes. June 17:  Dorothy Neitzert, Michael Neitzert and Jaqui Neitzert. June 18: Dedra Zwieg, Marcia Ratajesak, Jim & Jackie Duberowski Family and Michael Ahlers.
INFORMATION FOR YOU FROM OUR LIBRARY:  We have the “Answers” magazine in our Library. It contains some wonderful articles. Pick up an issue and examine it. This month there is an article “Will Noah’s Ark ever be found?” There is also page in the Little Lambs Library called KIDS. Great stuff!!
Next Sunday’s Lutheran Hour radio program is “Look Back, See What God Has Done” based on Exodus 19:2-8 with Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz. God not only kept His side of the bargain—He kept our side of the bargain, too.
Main Street Living can be seen Sundays, 10 AM, on KVRR Fargo and other Fox stations, and anytime at www.mainstreetlivingnorth.com. Rev. Paul Warnier of Zion in Browns Valley preaches June 18 at 9 AM. This program will air at 9 AM on June 18th only. Checkout the Sunday School episode from 9:30 to 10 AM. June 25 episode is at 3 PM.
There are some great articles about the Deaconess ministry in the Life of the World magazine on the table in the coat area.
Do you like to organize? We’d like a couple of volunteers to do some cleaning and organizing in the basement and education wing. See Pastor  if interested.
Please check the lost and found in the coat area and in the kitchen. Unclaimed items will be sold on the garage sale.
Sunday Coffee Servers are needed June 25 and July 2. Signup sheet is on the narthex counter. There are cookies in the freezer that you can serve.
INFORMATION FOR TODAY With whom can I share my faith in the Triune God this week?
Thank you to Pastor Justin Hesterman for leading our Saturday service this weekend!
Sunday Bible Class looks at today’s Scripture readings.
Vacation Bible School starts today and runs through Thursday from 6 to 8:30 PM. Mighty Fortress is the theme. A free family supper will be served at 5:15. Registration forms are in the VBS Mighty Fortress tent. It’s not too late to invite someone to come today or tomorrow.
The Wednesday Bible Class will meet June 14 at 10 AM. Pick up Small Catechism study guide 10 from the narthex counter.
Open House 50th Wedding Anniversary honoring Marvin & Marlys Hardekopf will be Saturday, June 17, from 1-4 PM at the Leaf Valley Town Hall. No cards or gifts please. Your presence is your gift. Hosted by Marvin & Marlys’ children.
If you would be willing to give rides to medical appointments occasionally, contact the church office.
Congregational Garage Sale will be August 25-26. Items in good condition can be brought to church beginning August 20 at noon. No electronics, large furniture or appliances. See Linda Maughan if you have questions.
Interested in helping to teach 7th grade confirmation class next year? Contact Pastor Lee. Pastor Jeff is not going to be able to help next year.
Sign Up to ride a Hart Travel bus to the statewide Reformation 500 Celebration on Sunday, October 29 at Concordia University, St Paul. Pres. Matthew Harrison will preach. Cost of the bus is $20. Bus will leave Immanuel at noon, stop at Carlos and Zion, Alexandria and then drive to Concordia for the 4 PM Celebration. The bus will stop on the way home for supper.
Watch those garage sales for like new things for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.   Also watch for like-new Bibles for distributing at the Douglas County Fair from our Mission Booth. Support our missionaries! Donate to the TIM fund.
Thanks so much for your prayers, concerns and cards after my surgery! Special thanks to Geneva for caring for the plants, and to Lorraine for taking care of the kitchen for me. It was very much appreciated! Take care and God bless! Eloise Wallner
 INFORMATION FOR TODAY Immanuel has a Facebook page! Facebook people: liking or sharing posts will give greater exposure to what we, as a church, are doing.
Life thoughts for June 11 – Trinity Sunday – Every offspring of Adam and Eve bears God’s own image (Genesis 1:26-28). Jesus’ coming confirms it with authority and trinitarian majority (Matthew 28:18). This entitles every member of the species to all earth’s possessions and heaven’s blessings. And we get to be ambassadors of the good news (Acts 2:32)! Father, Son, and Spirit, include us in Your dead-raising disciple-making. Amen.
Needed: donations to the Pastoral Student & Seminarian Scholarship fund by this fall.
Wanted: Someone to serve as our congregational scrapbook keeper. If you are interested, see Pastor.
Needed: donations to the TIM fund to support the missionaries our circuit helps to sponsor. Use your missions envelopes or designate a gift on your regular envelope for TIM.
Lutheran Island Camp is collecting old shoes in any condition. The bins for collection are located in the coat area. Shoes in good shape will be reconditioned for use in needy countries.
  A basket of Prayer Shawls and Lap Robes is on the table by the elevator. They are for anyone in need of comfort, healing, remembrance, etc.   Please put the name of those receiving the prayer shawl or lap robe on the register with the date.
Every Thrivent member has two action grants of $250 each that they can use each year for free. If you are willing to have your action grants used for projects at Immanuel, contact the church office.
  A friendly reminder that the back pews are reserved for families with small children.