May 14th – 21st

St. Peter says that we are living stones, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. He also calls us both kings and priests. Read today’s epistle as you prepare for worship. Reflect on how you can live out this calling.
Order of Service Divine Service 1, p 151
Hymns      Sat: 592/Sun: 909, 633, 722
Lessons   Acts 6, p 1163; 1 Peter 2, p 1294; John 14, p 1146
Sermon    “As You Are: Living, Kingly, Priestly Stones”    1 Peter 2:2-10
Solo/Reading       “Mothers” & “Old Rocking Chair”       Arlo Peterson
Organists   Sat: Gloria Hollatz   Sun: Lynette Finnern
PARISH PRAYERS We pray for God’s healing for Jim Klimek, Mike McDaniel, Della Ost, Jerry Jacobs, Ione Frandle, Lorre McDermott, Coleen McIntire, Arlo Peterson, Mary Springer, Cory Springer, Char Hjelm, Geri Kanten, Dave Gappa, Chloe Lee(grd of Tim), Sally Sarff, Brandon Grant(son Tracy Venzke), Mary Blauert & Kalvin Blauert, Mary Klimek(sis of Charlie), Jay LaMere, Aiden Zaun, Jackie Roberts & Lori Thorson
We ask God’s blessings on Eloise Wallner (82) 5/16, Ardine Zimmer (86) 5/16, and Gene & Darlene Bremmer (54) 5/18.
God comfort the family of Sharon Dolan, sister-in-law of Paul Peterson.
God bless all mothers in their role and calling.
Saturday, May 13     9:00 AM Baby Shower
7:00 PM Worship
Sunday, May 14     9:00 AM Worship
10:00 AM Coffee
NO Sunday School or Bible Class
7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14
Monday, May 15     1:00 PM State Pastors Conference through Wednesday
Tuesday, May 16     8:30 AM Bible Breakfast
Wednesday, May 17     6:30 PM 7th Grade Confirmation
8:00 PM ACT Bible Class
Thursday, May 18     6:30 PM Adult Confirmation Class
Saturday, May 20     7:00 PM Worship with Communion
Sunday, May 21     9:00 AM Worship with Communion
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Bible Class
7:00 PM Service on Cable Ch 14
WORSHIP HELPERS May 13: Kristen Johanson Family and Megan Hansen. May 14: Tim & Joyce Malmgren, Marvin & Marlys Hardekopf and Eric Klimek. May 20: John & Diane Potratz and Hunter Penrose. May 21: Mike & Teresa Harstad Family, Mike & Shelby Harstad Family and Aiden Larson.
Life thoughts for May 14 – Fifth Sunday of Easter (Mothers Day) – Motherly love, like Jesus’ other miraculous works, shows the heart of the Lord God (John 14:7-11). Such bonds stay devoted despite the beloved’s shortcomings. This real love holds little ones precious and holy even when rejected by all others (1 Peter 2:4, 9). Loving God, establish Your fierce affection in all our interactions. Amen.
INFORMATION FOR YOU Next Sunday’s Lutheran Hour radio program is “Comfort in the Spirit for Our Spirits” based on John 14:15-21 with Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz. To be the people God created us to be, we must be connected to His power, to His Word, by His Spirit.
Main Street Living can be seen Sundays, 10 AM, on KVRR Fargo and other Fox stations, and anytime at Rev. John Christensen of Trinity Lutheran in Fergus Falls, MN, preaches May 21.
Worldwide KFOU is the Official LCMS Radio. Listen at
A friendly reminder that the back pews are reserved for families with small children.
A Special Quilt Sale will take place May 13 & May 14 before and after services. These beautiful quilts are only $100 each! Place payment in an envelope, label as “Quilts” and drop into the LWML card slot.
VBS need toilet paper tubes. Drop them off in the coat area.
VBS wants to borrow a square canopy tent from now through June 18. Contact Kelly Hansen or the church office. The tent should be selfstanding when indoors. Sides are not needed.
Sign Up to ride a Hart Travel bus to the statewide Reformation 500 Celebration on Sunday, October 29 at Concordia University, St Paul. Pres. Matthew Harrison will preach. Cost of the bus is $20. Bus will leave Immanuel at noon, stop at Carlos and Zion, Alexandria and then drive to Concordia for the 4 PM Celebration. The bus will stop on the way home for supper.
INFORMATION FOR TODAY With whom can I share what it means to be a living stone this week?
Being baptized Saturday evening is Madilyn Jo Huckle, daughter of Josh and Alyssa Huckle. May God bless and keep Madilyn always!
Special thanks to Pastor Rick Bremseth for leading worship this weekend. Pastor Lee is at his home parish in Alpha this weekend. He will be returning later today.
  There will be NO Sunday School or Bible Class today.
All Mothers: Miltona Greenhouse has donated flowers for each of you! Pick yours up from the back of the church. Special thanks to Miltona Greenhouse!
An Adult Confirmation & New Member Class is beginning. Come May 18 at 6:30 PM to begin this seven-week class.
Special Needs Fund offering will be May 20-21.
The Wednesday Bible Class will not meet again until May 24 at 10 AM.
Pick up Small Catechism study guide 8 from the narthex counter.
Urgently Needed: a nurse (RN or LPN) to become our Footcare coordinator. Footcare happens once a month at Immanuel for a 2-hour period. It is currently the first Thursday of the month from 9:30-11:30 AM, but the day and time can be changed to accommodate the coordinator’s schedule. This is a needed and well-used ministry and we want to be able to continue it! Contact Donna Herdman or Pastor.
The Lutheran Mission Center at the Douglas County Fair, Alexandria, needs a representative or two from our congregation. There are four meetings a year. In August, you work at the Mission Center for approximately 4 hours. It is a great opportunity for sharing your faith. The next meeting will be May 30th, 7:00 PM at Good Shepherd. Please consider becoming our representative. We also need three more people to help the day of the fair. Call the church office if you are willing to take a part in this Mission.
Circuit Ascension Service will be Thursday, May 25, at Zion, Alexandria. The service will begin outside with a depiction of Jesus’ Ascension. The service begins at 6:30 PM.
Senior Recognition of our graduates will be May 28 at 9 AM. PPHS Baccalaureate will be May 28, 7 PM, at Immanuel.
Vacation Bible School will be the evenings of June 11-15. Save the date! Volunteers are needed! Contact Kelly Hansen.
INFORMATION FOR YOU Immanuel has a Facebook page! Facebook people: liking or sharing posts will give greater exposure to what we, as a church, are doing.
Needed: donations to the Pastoral Student & Seminarian Scholarship fund by this fall.  A list of pastor calls and vicar assignments from both seminaries is on the narthex counter.
15 pounds of ground pork, freshly butchered and frozen in one pound packages, have been donated to the church. Packages are available for a $3 donation. They are located in the kitchen freezer.
Every Thrivent member has two action grants of $250 each that they can use each year for free. If you are willing to have your action grants used for projects at Immanuel, contact the church office.
If you are interested in giving your offering by direct deposit, contact the church office for the correct bank deposit information.
CAN YOU HELP Wanted: Someone to serve as our congregational scrapbook keeper. If you are interested, see Pastor.
Sunday Coffee Servers are needed for May 28 and beyond. Signup sheet is on the narthex counter.
Needed: donations to the TIM fund to support the missionaries our circuit helps to sponsor.  Use your missions envelopes or designate a gift on your regular envelope for TIM. You can help with the drought and famine in East Africa by sending a gift to Lutheran World Relief, PO Box 17061, Baltimore, MD  212989832, designated for East Africa Drought.
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: Check out the garage sales for like new items/or brand new items on sale etc. First, choose an age group and then think: “What would I want my child to be given?” These children may never receive another gift so make it one they will remember. We encourage each member of our congregation to give a shoe box this year. START NOW!