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March Birthdays & Anniversaries

March Anniversaries Don & Lois Sjobeck 3-3-1962 Ryan & Jessica Quinn 3-11-2014 Jeff & Teresa Blake 3-12-1994 Bill & Lynda Uhde 3-17-1971 John & Diane Potratz 3-23-1985 Derek & Tiffany Eggert 3-28-2015 Jerry & Deb Jacobs 3-30-1981 Mike & Teresa Harstad 3-31-2007 Don & Karla Kalpin 3-31-1990 Joanie & Clayton Oler 3-31-1967 March Birthdays Reghan… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 61

Monday, February 29 Jeremiah 41-43 The people pledged themselves in obedience to God, and God promised to protect and bless them if they remained in the land (Jeremiah 42:5-12). Then at the threat of the Babylonians, the people promptly moved to Egypt. What factors might have influenced their change of heart? Tuesday, March 1 Jeremiah… Read more

February 28th – March 6th

“They shall be my people and I will be their God,” says the Lord to Jeremiah. Despite their sin and disobedience, God foretells of the day He will take His people back and establish a never-ending relationship with them. Read Jeremiah 32:36-41 as you prepare for worship. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service Divine Service 3,… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 60

Monday, February 22 Jeremiah 29 What insight does Jeremiah 29:7 provide for those who question whether to pray for the prosperity of a government that refuses to honor the true God? Tuesday, February 23 Jeremiah 30-32 2. See Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Hebrews 8-9. Contrast the old covenant with the new covenant. Wednesday, February 24 Jeremiah… Read more

February 21st – 28th

Jesus’ body and blood in His Supper is given for the forgiveness of our sins. We celebrate this gift today as a community of LCMS members. Please speak with the Pastor if you have not knelt with us at the Lord’s Table before. Please register your communion attendance in the pew folder. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 59

Monday, February 15 Jeremiah 15-17 Compare the person who trusts in human strength and turns away from the LORD (Jeremiah 17:5-6) with the one who trusts in the LORD (Jeremiah 17:7-8). Tuesday, February 16 Jeremiah 18-19 Explain the response of the people in Jeremiah 18:12 to God‘s plan of judgment (Jeremiah 18:11). Wednesday, February 17… Read more

February 14th – 21st

“There is none like you, O Lord,” proclaims Jeremiah. Yet he is dismayed at all who trust in gods of wood and gold. Equally dismaying in our day is the truth that so many people continue to trust in false gods—finding meaning in life from things that do not last. The Lord is the true… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 58

Monday, February 8 Jeremiah 3-4 1. Explain Jeremiah 3:14. What is God‘s message presented through these words? Tuesday, February 9 Jeremiah 5-6 2. Review Jeremiah 5:26-31. Summarize the condition of those described here. Wednesday, February 10 Jeremiah 7-8 3. Contrast Jeremiah 8:22 with Jesus words in Matthew 9:12-13. Thursday, February 11 Jeremiah 9-10 4. What… Read more