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December Birthdays & Anniversaries

December Anniversaries Dennis & Donna Karger 12-9-1961 Sherryl & Allen Suchy 12-9-1990 Brad & Sheena Smith 12-13-1997 Mike & Beth Wilde 12-15-1989 Gary & Connie Diekow 12-20-1969 Tim & Joyce Malmgren 12-20-1975 John & Judy Moeller 12-26-1982 Judy & Dave Penrose 12-31-1978 December Birthdays Morgan Bowman 12-1 Jake Dodds 12-1 Pat Hendrickson 12-1 Donald Potratz… Read more

November 29th – December 6th

Today begins the season of Advent. We focus on our Lord’s second coming this weekend, especially His coming as Judge. Psalm 96 speaks of this role of our Lord. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service       Order of Matins, p 219 Hymns                       592, 336, 334, 331 v1, 2, 4, 6 Lessons                      Psalm 96, p 634; Romans 8,… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 47

Monday, November 23 Psalms 83-89 1. In Psalm 84 the psalmist longs to go to God’s House. Identify some of the things that the psalmist anticipates. What are some of the blessings you receive from your participation in worship (Acts 2:42; Acts 5:42; Acts 11:28–30; Acts 20:7; Colossians 3:12–17; 2 Thessalonians 1:3–4)? Thank God for… Read more

November 22nd – 29th

Our worship here is a foretaste of heaven. The beauty of our sanctuary gives us anticipation for the splendor of the heavenly Zion. Great is our Lord and greatly to be praised! WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service      Divine Service 1, p 151 Hymns                      508, 672, 678, 670 Introit                       Psalm 67 Lessons                    Psalm 48, p 599; Revelation… Read more

November 15th – 22nd

Jesus’ body and blood in His Supper is given for the forgiveness of our sins. We celebrate this gift today as a community of LCMS members. Please speak with the Pastor if you have not knelt with us at the Lord’s Table before. Please register your communion attendance in the pew folder. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 45

Monday, November 9 Psalms 12-17 1. Elections are upon us this week. Concerns for what lies ahead are to be expected. What hope can you draw from these promises of God in Psalms 12 through 17: Psalm 12:5–7; Psalm 13:3–5; Psalm 16:5–6; Psalm 17:6–7? Tuesday, November 10 Psalms 18-22 2. Psalms 18 and 19 seem… Read more