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Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 43

Monday, October 26 Job 15-17 1. Job’s words, recorded in Job 16:19–22 remind us of Romans 8:26–27. Who promises to intercede for the people of God when we, like Job of old, feel weak and incapable? Tuesday, October 27 Job 18-19 2. Explain Job’s confession of faith, recorded in Job 19:25–27. Wednesday, October 28 Job… Read more

October 25th – November 1st

Jesus’ body and blood in His Supper is given for the forgiveness of our sins. We celebrate this gift today as a community of LCMS members. Please speak with the Pastor if you have not knelt with us at the Lord’s Table before. Please register your communion attendance in the pew folder. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order… Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 42

Monday, October 19 Job 2-3 1. Explain Job’s words recorded in Job 2:10 in light of Hebrews 12:5–11. Tuesday, October 20 Job 4-5 2. Why do you think Christians sometimes face periods of hardship, illness, and disappointment with the same type of reasoning as Job’s friend Eliphaz explains in Job 4:3–8? Wednesday, October 21 Job… Read more

October 18th – 25th

“First things first.” That is certainly true in terms of faith. God comes first. He is first in our hearts and lives. When He is first everything else finds its proper place. When He is not first, nothing else is in the right place! WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service      Divine Service 3, p 184 Hymns                     … Read more

Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 41

Monday, October 12 Nehemiah 11-13 1. Read again Nehemiah 12. Imagine the beautiful celebration of God and His goodness. Note especially the scene described in verse 43. Of what future occurrence may this event remind us? See Revelation 7:9–17). Tuesday, October 13 Esther 1-2 2. What evidence does Esther 2:19–23 provide that Esther and Mordecai… Read more

October 11th – 18th

“They Understood the Words!” When Ezra and the Levites read and explained God’s Word, the people understood them. There was great joy among the people. May the same be true of us – great joy as God’s Word is read, explained and understood! WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service      Divine Service 3, p 184 Hymns                      589,… Read more

October Birthdays & Anniversaries

October Anniversaries Rodney & Linda L Moske 10-5-1967 Donald & Michelle Riedel 10-5-2002 Nathan & Laura Westad 10-9-2010 Jack & Mary Hanson 10-10-2014 Anthony & Michelle Moske 10-13-1990 Connie & Leroy Nordlund 10-13-1984 Robert & Kelly Harris 10-14-1989 Charles & Audrey Jensen 10-16-1955 Travis & Diane Koep 10-22-1998 Chad & Heidi DeBoer 10-23-1999 Jack &… Read more