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Daily Word Bible Reading Questions Week 26

Monday, June 29 1 Samuel 24 1. Review 1 Samuel 24:1–10. Explain David’s attitude and actions toward King Saul. Tuesday, June 30 1 Samuel 25 2. Abigail graciously interceded with David on behalf of her wicked and foolish husband Nabal (1 Samuel 25:24). Her loving actions designed to rescue Nabal remind us of our Savior’s… Read more

June 28th – July 5th

“If anyone would be my disciple, let him take up his cross and follow me,” Jesus said. If our Lord suffered and died, it should be no surprise that we, His disciples, will also face suffering and death. There is a cost to being a follower of Jesus. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service      Divine Service… Read more

July Birthdays & Anniversaries

July Anniversaries Steve & Terri Payne 7-1-1978 Ken & Wilma Rauscher 7-3-1971 Kirk & Karen Lee 7-4-1992 Duane & Myra Riedel 7-4-1959 Corey & Holly Wendland 7-7-2007 Derek & Erin Bolland 7-9-2005 Ralph & Darlene Samuelson 7-11-1959 David & Vergene Uhde 7-11-1965 Robert & Evon Hanson 7-13-1996 Tim & Cassandra Bowland 7-16-2005 James & Tina… Read more

June 21st – 28th

Jesus’ body and blood in His Supper is given for the forgiveness of our sins. We celebrate this gift today as a community of LCMS members. Please speak with the Pastor if you have not knelt with us at the Lord’s Table before. Please register your communion attendance in the pew folder. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order… Read more

June 14th – 21st

God called Samuel to be His Prophet. His response was, “Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.” Those are our words too, as we come to worship and whenever we read God’s Word. WORSHIP INFORMATION Order of Service      Divine Service 4, p 203 Hymns                      744, 589, 805, 784 Lessons                     1 Samuel 3, p 290; Romans… Read more